For every woman who can be named
there are a hundred who speak.
For every hundred who speak
there are a thousand who know.
For every thousand who know
there are ten thousand who do not yet know,
because their truth lies still deeper
than all those who speak and know and can be named.
And every one us of is needed now.
. . .

The need of our time is great and urgent, like a river flowing out of control. And much of what we need now is fundamental: to rise beyond egocentric ways of being and relating so we can cooperate with each other; value and respect each other's viewpoints and gifts; to create a humane society in which all can flourish.

This need is calling forth a new movement of the Sacred Feminine. No longer hidden and no longer silent, she reveals herself in practical and subtle dimensions of grace and wisdom in our world today.

Practically, women are the key factor for positive change in microfinance worldwide, in sustainable solutions for villages in the developing world, in collaborative projects in councils and neighborhoods and offices and in circle for peace.

Subtle dimensions underlie the personal and work lives of women everywhere. We nourish new life, create beauty and welcome diverse people to our tables and rest in the silence that sustains us all.

But there is more that can be done now. If a critical number of women could come together to unfold the Sacred Feminine in all of her vast and exquisite essence, what truths could be voiced and acted on? What qualities of discernment, clarity, support, and love could be embodied? What creative possibilities could be birthed, individually and collectively, from such a matrix?

The Feminine Wisdom School is dedicated to exploring these possibilities. Our hope is that everyone who joins us will come to know and embody her inherent wisdom, each in her own way, and in the process bring the awakening feminine more fully into our world.

Exploring the Full Spectrum of the Sacred Feminine

Our 2011-12 program consists of four retreats from July 2011 to January 2012. Each retreat will meet Thursday through Sunday all day. We welcome women of all ages and all backgrounds who wish to open to and embody the sacred feminine. This program will be a continuation and deepening of our 2010 pilot program in which we explored access and embodiment of the awakening feminine. We are offering an optional year in 2012 in which participants will be mentored to create a project—their own unique offering to their community or the world at large.

We draw inspiration from the feminine wisdom that has been transmitted through the world’s spiritual traditions: such as from the Shekinah, Sophia, Tara, Mary as well as from human women such as Hildegard of Bingen and Mirabai of India. We also study the biographies of women activists such as Harriet Tubman and Aung San Suu Kyi. We engage in the spiritual practices of meditation, chanting, inquiry, movement and the practice of presence. In dyads, triads and in the group women engage in deep processes of inquiry and reflection.

The purpose is for each woman to be able to access the Divine Feminine directly in her own experience and to be in touch with her own wisdom and guidance. In order for this to happen we need to work through the patterns in our personal history that has shaped and limited our relationships, creativity, and engagement with the depth and breadth of our lives. This process allows us to more fully embody and express the awakening feminine in our world today.

Our program creates a transformational vessel to nurture each woman’s process. We envisage the potential of each person to:

  • open to innate beauty at the core of herself
  • develop the discernment to balance love with clarity and strength
  • pierce through the distortions and myths about the feminine that have bound and limited us as women
  • allow the ever present stream of grace to flow through her
  • know herself as the silence and mystery of true nature
  • embody the vibrant essence of her being

Warm blessings

Lama Palden
Sherry Ruth Anderson
Miranda Macpherson
Sherry, Palden and Miranda

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